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Soul Seeker Cover Reveal!

The Chosen of the Light Series continues with Soul Seekers, an epic fantasy novel COMING SOON from Wild Child Publishing and Matt Campbell, now writing under the name Jon Carlin Shea. Same stories. Different name. For a sneak peak, follow the link … Continue reading

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New Release from R.A. McCandless!

Today’s guest post is from R.A. McCandless!  Angels should be a human’s worst nightmare. Del didn’t think there was anything worse than angels, or their fallen kin, demons. She and her partner Marrin helped to keep the world safe from … Continue reading

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Subjunctive—Was and Were Have PMS!

(If you do not have a sense of humor, proceed with caution) Whenever I try to explain the differences between this grammar rule and that one, authors and clients will say something like, ‘Will you please speak in English?’ so … Continue reading

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