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Today’s author interview spotlights Freya’s Bower Author CM Michaels and his Urban Fantasy/Paranormal novel Dangerous Waters.

WCP: What was your inspiration for Dangerous Waters? This is going to sound cheesy, but the idea for Dangerous Waters came to me after watching the first Twilight movie and reading the rest of the series. While I enjoyed both the novels and the films, I wanted to tell a story that took you deeper into the lives of the vampire coven, allowing the reader to identify with them as people rather than just supernatural creatures. From the start I embraced the challenge of making readers care for characters that had to kill humans to survive. There’s no feeding on animals or popping open a can of O negative.

WCP: Do you have any other genre you’d like to try your hand at? The book I am working on now, Kerrigan’s Race, is a fantasy romance set in a water world that features mermaid-like creatures and griffins. I’m also looking forward to getting started on my crime / suspense / romance series featuring an intelligent, sexy and fiercely independent female game warden.

 WCP: Before we move onto other questions, would Emily Waters like to add anything? I know you all will love Sienna, Raven, Ruby and Sandy as much as I do. I’m still getting used to the whole being a vamp thing—going without food for the rest of your life totally sucks—but living with them is the best. Sienna is like the perfect mom / enabling best friend hybrid. Raven gives me crap constantly, especially about my chaotic love life, but I love her like a sister. Speaking of my love life, just thinking about Sandy’s succulent, full lips makes my heart pound. I so got it bad for her, even if I’m still coming to terms with being bisexual. And after what happened in the mall, Ruby and I will always share a special bond.   

WCP: Do you have any favorite authors in UF or Paranormal genre? Or ones that have influenced you more than others? My favorite UF / Paranormal authors include Kelley Armstrong, Peter V. Brett, Richelle Mead, Rachel Caine, Cassandra Claire, J.R. Ward, Laini Taylor and Tessa Dawn. The Otherworld series (by Kelley Armstrong) and The Vampire Academy series (by Richelle Mead) are my all time favorites and have had the most influence on my writing style.

WCP: Is there anything you would like the readers to take away from the story? At its heart Dangerous Waters is about self discovery, overcoming the challenges that we encounter and embracing the fact that life can take us in totally unexpected directions. We all have hidden abilities inside that will never be uncovered if we are too afraid to explore and try new things.  

WCP: Do you have anything else in the works? As I mentioned above, I am currently working on the first book in my fantasy romance series called Kerrigan’s Race. I hope to have the first draft completed before the end of the year. I will also be starting on the sequel to Dangerous Waters in the next month or so.

 WCP: What about writing life/being an author took you by surprise? The querying process was definitely a learning experience for me since this is the first novel I have tried to get published. Boiling your entire book down to a couple of paragraphs that will make it stand out from the thousands of other submissions the agents and publishers receive is quite daunting.

Now for some fun questions:

WCP: Maserati, Mercedes, Pacer, or Prius? Which car do you share the most characteristics with? Prius! My wife and I are very environmentally conscious. Our favorite vacation spot is Yellowstone National Park, we love to hike, and most of the charities we support are to protect wild animals. The car also reflects my personality, as it isn’t flashy or egotistical, and its drivers are generally more on the liberal side.

WCP: Chocolate, bacon, chocolate with bacon, or none of the above? Chocolate all the way! We can’t keep any in the house or it is consumed immediately. Plain M&M’s and Kit-Kat bars are among my favorites :)

WCP: If you could be any man/woman, living or dead, who would you want to be? Why? Kate Beckinsale. Selene is my all time favorite on-screen Vamp character, and it would be so cool to play that role. Emily is also quite the  fan of the Underworld series, which is why she dons the outfit she does in the prologue.

WCP: Any last words? Um, for the interview, that is. (grin) Thank you so much for hosting me. I really look forward to hearing what the readers think about Dangerous Waters and getting to work on the second installment of the series.

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  1. Marci Baun says:


    You do know that we published one of Richelle Mead’s short stories in our first Dreams & Desires anthology, right? That was a good seven years ago, but I loved the story, about a succubus in Renaissance Italy.


  2. Congrats on your new release, Chad! I’m so excited for you and the success of Dangerous Waters! Enjoy the moment of having your book published =) I am looking forward to reading your story!