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  1. Belinda Green says:


    I am obsessed with completing the Wicked Wild Scavenger Hunt which was started on Oct 1st and is over on Oct 31! It has been a huge challenge in finding the sites/pages with the clues. I have spent hours looking! I am quite disappointed with the coordination of the entire event because I really like doing these. The Oct 28 clue site has nothing and has no search function. I sent a comment to a couple of the earlier sites and the reply from them was I don’t remember signing up for this blog hop. I finally set up a backdoor search and the page popped up….

    While this was/is a great idea…the inconsistent implementation on the hop/hunt sites is frustrating. The excitment for me is to complete the game and meet new authors I might like to follow. I love reading! The giveaways are secondary.

    At the rate this is going I won’t be able to finish the hunt before the Oct 31 deadline.
    :-( Any light you can shed on this issue would be much appreciated since you and BTS Tours are the host.

    Thanks for listening!

    Belinda G

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