How to Avoid Writer’s Hell

Welcome to “How to Avoid Writer’s Hell” hosted by the author Faith Bicknell-Brown. Here she will post writing advice and much more. You can also ask questions. Who is Faith?

Faith Bicknell’s work (also known as F.L. Bicknell) has appeared in a wide range of genres such as Would That It Were, Touch Magazine, GC Magazine, Ohio Writer Magazine, Waxing and Waning (Canada), and The Istanbul Literature Review (Turkey) just to name a few. Faith was a regular contributor to Gent under her pseudonym, Molly Diamond (, which she has resurrected and now writes as Molly for her SFR/fantasy titles.

She has also had fiction published in Hustler’s Busty Beauties, Penthouse Variations, Twenty 1 Lashes, and was a regular contributor to Ruthie’s Club for three years. In addition, Faith has many e-books and some print titles published under various pen names with a host of different publishers.

For two years, Faith served as the co-editor of The Tenacity Times and she served as the managing editor for two e-book publishers for thirteen years combined until she resigned in 2009 to focus on her writing career.

She is represented by TriadaUS Literary Agency (


Faith’s Wild Child books

12 Responses to How to Avoid Writer’s Hell

  1. Oh, Hales! How could I have forgotten about the puppy?!

    • FaithBicknellBrown says:

      LOL, we might have to come up with a li’l something to represent the AWH puppies on the blog. Hmmm, Marci, what do you think?

  2. Thank you, Janice, and thanks, too, for posting the link on your group.

  3. Hales says:

    So glad it’s back!!!!!! Will be fun to be a puppy again!

  4. OMG…is it ever good to see you again, to see Avoid Writers Hell!
    I sure am looking forward to this! Welcome back!

  5. Yeah, your back. I have all the Writer’s Hell Books, they are awesome. Can’t wait to read your articles.


  6. Hi everyone! So glad you stopped by and took time to comment about the upcoming AWH blogs! I’ll have something up soon for everyone.

  7. Faith’s Writers Hell books are GREAT… just saying…GREAT

  8. Lark LaTroy says:

    YEEEAAAAHHHHHH! You’re back posting on the title we all know and love. I’ll be keeping an eye on this site.

  9. I’m looking forward to your sage advice. Writer’s Hell, I think I’ve been there — several times.

  10. K. Starling says:

    Can’t wait to follow these words of wisdom!

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