Interview with Kimberly Dana

Today’s author interview spotlights Kimberly Dana,  Author of the YA/Horror Novel, Cheerage Fearage.

WCP: What was your inspiration for Cheerage Fearage?

I had this vision of two cheerleaders who were BFF but fierce competitors at the same time.  In the book, the co-captain drowns the captain out so she can be queen bee, but she doesn’t die quietly.  Hence, the ghost of Lexy Mills who always kills.  I’ve always been a fan of campy horror movies, so the story just kind of came to me with the first scene being the inciting incident.

WCP: Do you have any other genre you’d like to try your hand at?

I’d love to write kids’ poems akin to Shel Silverstein.  Poetry is very challenging for me but I love funny poems, especially Silverstein’s.  They’re so plucky and irreverent! 

WCP: Does Lexy share any of your characteristics?

I’m not as competitive as Lexy but if someone offed me, I’d want a little revenge too.  I can’t really fault her for that.  

WCP: Before we move onto other questions, would Lexy like to add anything?

“Fly high and die, biotches!”

WCP: Do you have anything else in the works? 

Yes, I have a middle grade novel coming out entitled Lucy and CeCee’s How to Survive (and Thrive) in Middle School.  It’s my first book I’ve written specifically for middle grade girls.  There will be a corresponding website at, so I’m pretty excited about that.  

WCP: Now for some fun questions: What about writing life/being an author took you by surprise?

The thing that has taken me most by surprise is how much time promotion takes – almost as much as writing.  But it’s worth it.  I’ve met a lot of awesome people in the process, like this author named Jenn Nixon.  No, seriously – promotion is very time consuming but absolutely essential.

WCP: If you could travel to any planet, besides earth, and live there (if that were possible), which one would it be? And what do you think it would be like?

I think I’d like to travel to Morocco before conquering outer space.  So at the risk of sounding super lame, my inter-galactic passport will remain unused for the time being.

WCP: Any last words? Um, for the interview, that is. (grin)

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3 Responses to Interview with Kimberly Dana

  1. Thanks Patti and Jenn! It was a blast…


  2. Jenn Nixon says:

    Loved your interview, thanks so much for the mention. I too love the name of the book, great imagery!

  3. I love the title of your book. That alone should grab a reader’s attention. Sounds like my kind of book.
    Nice, fun interview.